Blogging while traveling

Just a little side note while I have time…


To anyone who is checking this blog: I am so sorry for the lack of updates. When I decided to write a blog while traveling, I figured that the process would be pretty simple:

  1. Experience something
  2. Document it
  3. Write a post
  4. Add pictures
  5. Publish

What I did not foresee in this “simple” process was the difficulty of finding time to write a blog post that properly describes our experiences. I imagined that traveling from one place to another would allot the time needed to write something informative. Running to flights, traveling on night buses, low battery, late nights, early mornings… all of this adds to the difficulty of wanting to be in the moment while also wanting to share that experience with a larger population.

I give a tremendous amount of credit to the authors of travel blogs who have worked around these constraints. Perhaps they have more time while traveling, most definitely they are more seasoned writers than I am, but regardless they have found the time and discipline to sit down and write. That seems to be 85% of the battle.

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